Redeem Your e-Books

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  4. Install e-Reader APPs

Thank you for purchasing e-Book download card, please follow the three steps to get your e-Book
The e-Book you purchased from the sites above will autometically push to your e-Reader APPs.

Step1. Login your account or create new account.
Step2. Input access code of e-Book download card.
Step3. Install eReader APPs, the e-Book will be auto pushed to your bookshelf.

Input the 15 digits e-Book access code.
(found on eBook access code card)

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Please download and install e-Reader APPs and activate it with your account and password.
Your eBook will be automatically sent to your e-Reader APPs.
You may read your e-Books in 2 activated devices. For account management, please visit NeoSoar eBooks management Center.


If you already have the NeoSoar eBooks application, you do not need to re-install it.
Need help? Refer to our User FAQ.